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Colloquium Mathematicum

Tom 78

Warszawa-Wrocław 1998

Spis treści

E. Bator
P. Lewis
J. Ochoa
Evaluation maps, restriction maps, and compactness1-17
J. TakahashiLimits of families of measure algebras19-28
W. McDaniel
P. Ribenboim
Squares in Lucas sequences having an even first parameter29-34
T. Łuczak
T. Schoen
Small bases for finite groups35-37
S. Morris
V. Pestov
On Lie groups in varieties of topological groups39-47
S. BrennerThe Auslander translate of a short exact sequence49-56
B. Aldana
J. Charris
O. Mora-Valbuena
On block recursions, Askey’s sieved Jacobi polynomials and two related systems57-91
A. SchinzelA property of the unitary convolution93-96
P. OssowskiOn the formal inverse of polynomial endomorphisms97-104
J. Klimek
J. Weyman
W. Kraśkiewicz
The Grothendieck group of G-equivariant modules over coordinate rings of G-orbits105-118
S. UeharaA Hilbert cube compactification of the space of retractions of the interval119-122
A. TycAn elementary proof of the Weitzenböck theorem123-132
W. RumpGreen walks in a hypergraph133-147
J. DziubańskiA note on Schrödinger operators with polynomial potentials149-161
J. de la Peña
P. Dräxler
N. Golovachtchuk
S. Ovsienko
Coordinates of maximal roots of weakly non-negative unit forms163-193
K. Skórnik
J. Wloka
m-Reduction of ordinary differential equations195-212
N. Kourogenis
N. Papageorgiou
Discontinuous quasilinear elliptic problems at resonance213-223
A. GeroldingerA structure theorem for sets of lengths225-259
D. HappelHochschild cohomology of piecewise hereditary algebras261-266
J. Pym
A. Lau
P. Milnes
Flows on invariant subsets and compactifications of a locally compact group267-281
L. Fuchs
L. Salce
P. Zanardo
Note on the transitivity of pure essential extensions283-291
J. Appell
P. Zabreĭko
A. Kalitvin
Partial integral operators in Orlicz spaces with mixed norm293-306
C. PittetOn the isoperimetry of graphs with many ends307-318
C. Chang
C. Ha
Bounds for the singular values of smooth kernels319-324

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