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Colloquium Mathematicum

Tom 79

Warszawa-Wrocław 1999

Spis treści

S. ShelahOn full Suslin trees1-7
J. RivatOn the metric theory of continued fractions9-15
Z. HuIsometric immersions of the hyperbolic space H^n(−1) into H^{n+1}(−1)17-23
A. StrojnowskiOn residually finite groups and their generalizations25-35
L. ZielińskiCharge transfer scattering in a constant electric field37-61
M. AassilaUniform boundary stabilization of a thermoelastic bar with a nonlinear weak damping63-70
A. Skowroński
H. Lenzing
On selfinjective algebras of Euclidean type71-76
G. StamouRegelflächen vom Weingarten-Typ77-84
A. Skowroński
G. Bobiński
Geometry of modules over tame quasi-tilted algebras85-118
J. de la Peña
M. Barot
Algebras whose Euler form is non-negative119-131
C. ElsnerOn arithmetic properties of the convergents of Euler’s number133-145
W. MydlarczykThe blow-up solutions of integral equations147-156
G. Zhou
S. Zhou
A remark on a modified Szász–Mirakjan operator157-160
P. MikrutBordism of oriented 5-manifolds with T-structure and polarization161-184
F. Wehrung
G. Grätzer
Flat semilattices185-191
R. SatoVector-valued ergodic theorems for multiparameter additive processes193-202
G. BobińskiOn additive functions for stable translation quivers203-210
R. Deszcz
M. Hotloś
Z. Şentürk
On the equivalence of the Ricci-pseudosymmetry and pseudosymmetry211-227
M. O’NeillJ. E. McMillan’s area theorem229-234
P. LundströmNormal bases for infinite Galois ring extensions235-240
J. RenshawOn subrings of amalgamated free products of rings241-248
J. De Koninck
J. Grah
Arithmetic functions and weighted averages249-272
J. Si
X. Wang
Analytic solutions of a second-order functional differential equation with a state derivative dependent delay273-281
W. Zajączkowski
E. Zadrzyńska
On nonstationary motion of a fixed mass of a viscous compressible barotropic fluid bounded by a free boundary283-310

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