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Colloquium Mathematicum

Tom 80

Warszawa-Wrocław 1999

Spis treści

M. LaczkovichOperators commuting with translations, and systems of difference equations1-22
F. KainrathFactorization in Krull monoids with infinite class group23-30
P. Diaconis
R. Graham
The graph of generating sets of an abelian group31-38
N. JarbouiSome remarks on the altitude inequality39-52
M. Cowling
S. Meda
A. Setti
Invariant operators on function spaces on homogeneous trees53-61
P. JamingHarmonic functions on the real hyperbolic ball I: Boundary values and atomic decomposition of Hardy spaces63-82
B. Rao
S. Gangopadhyay
Completeness of L1 spaces over finitely additive probabilities83-95
U. Albrecht
H. Goeters
Strong S-groups97-105
M. Frontczak
P. Skibiński
S. Spodzieja
Salomon’s Theorem for polynomials with several parameters107-114
K. MuthuvelApplication of covering sets115-122
H. Kasana
P. Agrawal
Approximation by linear combination of Szász–Mirakian operators123-130
W. Czaja
Z. Rzeszotnik
Two remarks about spectral asymptotics of pseudodifferential operators131-145
P. De Lucia
P. Pták
Quantum logics with classically determined states147-154
Y. Ohnuki
K. Takeda
K. Yamagata
Symmetric Hochschild extension algebras155-174
M. Sanchis
A. Tamariz-Mascarúa
On quasi-p-bounded subsets175-189
R. ScottProjective embeddings of toric varieties191-200
K. MatsuoPseudo-Bochner curvature tensor on Hermitian manifolds201-209
F. Astengo
B. di Blasio
A Paley–Wiener theorem on na harmonic spaces211-233
P. LewisMapping properties of c_0235-244
W. SulaimanA general theorem covering many absolute summability methods245-252
D. BetsakosOn bounded univalent functions that omit two given values253-258
S. LouboutinThe class number one problem for the dihedral and dicyclic CM-fields259-265
L. Angeleri Hügel
H. Valenta
A duality result for almost split sequences267-292
T. DownarowiczReading along arithmetic progressions293-296
M. BellTightness and π-character in centered spaces297-307
. Index of volumes 71-80 (1997-1999)309-330

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