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Colloquium Mathematicum

Tom 81

Warszawa-Wrocław 1999

Spis treści

R. Shortt
K. Bhaskara Rao
On systems of null sets1-4
W. JelonekKilling tensors and Einstein-Weyl geometry5-19
I. Assem
D. Zacharia
Full embeddings of almost split sequences over split-by-nilpotent extensions21-31
J. González-Dávila
L. Vanhecke
Invariants and flow geometry33-50
W. Ingram
R. Roe
Inverse limits on intervals using unimodal bonding maps having only periodic points whose periods are all the powers of two51-61
J. GałuszkaVarieties of idempotent groupoids with small clones63-87
N. Kourogenis
N. Papageorgiou
Multiple solutions for nonlinear discontinuous elliptic problems near resonance89-99
V. VarlamovNonlinear heat equation with a fractional Laplacian in a disk101-122
O. Kowalski
B. Opozda
Z. Vlášek
Curvature homogeneity of affine connections on two-dimensional manifolds123-139
D. Happel
I. Slungråd
On quasitilted algebras which are one-point extensions of hereditary algebras141-152
J. CarterA generalization of a result on integers in metacyclic extensions153-156
K. FukuyamaOn a gap series of Mark Kac157-160
D. ManchonFront d’onde et propagation des singularités pour un vecteur-distribution161-191
R. Göbel
S. Shelah
Almost free splitters193-221
B. Lin
Z. Shi
Some structures related to metric projections in Orlicz spaces223-235
D. SimsonTame three-partite subamalgams of tiled orders of polynomial growth237-262
J. Ollagnier
A. Nowicki
Polynomial algebra of constants of the Lotka–Volterra system263-270
M. StessinWold decomposition of the Hardy space and Blaschke products similar to a contraction271-284
J. MierczyńskiOn peaks in carrying simplices285-292
L. Angeleri Hügel
S. Smalø
Real representations of quivers293-297
A. IllanesFans are not c-determined299-308

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