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Colloquium Mathematicum

Tom 82

Warszawa-Wrocław 1999

Spis treści

A. IvanovFinitely generated groups having a finite set of conjugacy classes meeting all cyclic subgroups1-12
E. DieterichDissident algebras13-23
K. RoggenkampCohen-Macaulay modules over two-dimensional graph orders25-48
F. SottilePieri-type formulas for maximal isotropic Grassmannians via triple intersections49-63
C. Bagiński
A. Sakowicz
Finite groups with globally permutable lattice of subgroups65-77
J. BrowkinA consequence of an effective form of the abc-conjecture79-84
H. Lenzing
I. Reiten
Additive functions for quivers with relations85-103
J. ŚwięcickaQuotients of toric varieties by actions of subtori105-116
Z. Daróczy
G. Maksa
On a problem of Matkowski117-123
C. BagińskiOn the isomorphism problem for modular group algebras of elementary abelian-by-cyclic p-groups125-136
S. KasjanSimply connected right multipeak algebras and the separation property137-153
F. WeiszFejér means of two-dimensional Fourier transforms on H_p(ℝ×ℝ)155-166
E. Muehlegger
A. Raich
C. Silva
M. Touloumtzis
B. Narasimhan
W. Zhao
infinite ergodic index ℤ^d -actions in infinite measure167-190
A. NowikAdditive properties and uniformly completely Ramsey sets191-199
L. BakkerOne-parameter families of brake orbits in dynamical systems201-217
B. RicceriA limit involving functions in W_{0}^{1,p}(Ω)219-222
L. BartłomiejczykSolutions with big graph of iterative functional equations of the first order223-230
A. ter Elst
D. Robinson
N. Dungey
Asymptotics of sums of subcoercive operators231-260
K. ErdmannOn tubes for blocks of wild type261-270
F. CoelhoDirecting components for quasitilted algebras271-275
J. Brown
H. Elalaoui-Talibi
Marczewski-Burstin-like characterizations of σ-algebras, ideals, and measurable functions277-286
G. ZwaraImmersions of module varieties287-299

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