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Colloquium Mathematicum

Tom 83

Warszawa-Wrocław 2000

Spis treści

J. Nymann
R. Sáenz
On a paper of Guthrie and Nymann on subsums of infinite series1-4
K. SameiOn the maximal spectrum of commutative semiprimitive rings5-13
I. IdrisOrderings and preorderings in rings with involution15-20
X. Tang
J. Shen
New oscillation criteria for first order nonlinear delay differential equations21-41
Y. Hatzaras
T. Theohari-Apostolidi
Hermitian and quadratic forms over local classical crossed product orders43-53
O. EngeQuasitilted algebras have preprojective components55-69
M. PloščicaSeparation properties in congruence lattices of lattices71-84
P. GadzińskiOn a semigroup of measures with irregular densities85-99
K. Omiljanowski
S. Solecki
J. Zielinski
Complexity of the class of Peano functions101-105
J. Bergen
P. Grzeszczuk
Invariants of Lie color algebras acting on graded algebras107-124
R. SatoA general differentiation theorem for superadditive processes125-136
S. Cheng
W. Li
Classifications and existence of positive solutions of a higher order nonlinear difference equation137-153
A. Bonilla“Counterexamples” to the harmonic Liouville theorem and harmonic functions with zero nontangential limits155-160
J. CaggianoInterpolation sets for Fréchet measures161-172
K. Hare
A. Stokolos
On weak type inequalities for rare maximal functions173-182
P. GorelliFundamental solutions for translation and rotation invariant differential operators on the Heisenberg group183-200
O. LessmannCounting partial types in simple theories201-208
T. FriedrichA geometric estimate for a periodic Schrödinger operator209-216
S. ThangaveluSome remarks on Bochner–Riesz means217-230
P. DowborProperties of G-atoms and full Galois covering reduction to stabilizers231-265
J. ZielińskiOn the algebra of constants of polynomial derivations in two variables267-269
P. WiśniewskiOn some formula in connected cocommutative Hopf algebras over a field of characteristic 0271-279
T. Brüstle
L. Hille
Actions of parabolic subgroups in GL_n on unipotent normal subgroups and quasi-hereditary algebras281-294
T. Brüstle
L. Hille
Matrices over upper triangular bimodules and ∆-filtered modules over quasi-hereditary algebras295-303
J. Charatonik
W. Charatonik
Whitney maps - a non-metric case305-307

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