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Colloquium Mathematicum

Tom 84

Warszawa-Wrocław 2000

Spis treści

Z. Lipecki
T. Downarowicz
Anzelm Iwanik (1946–1998)1-12
A. DanilenkoOn subrelations of ergodic measured type III equivalence relations13-22
T. De La RueSur la cohomologie dans les schémas de Bernoulli23-28
M. LemańczykSur l’absence de mélange pour des flots spéciaux au-dessus d’une rotation irrationnelle29-41
E. Robinson
A. Şahın
Mixing properties of nearly maximal entropy measures for $ℤ^d$ shifts of finite type43-50
M. MentzenRelatively minimal extensions of topological flows51-65
A. Prikhod’ko
V. Ryzhikov
Disjointness of the convolutions for Chacon’s automorphism67-74
D. Volný
E. Lesigne
Large deviations for generic stationary processes75-82
E. AkinStretching the Oxtoby–Ulam Theorem83-94
P. D’Ambros
G. Everest
R. Miles
T. Ward
Dynamical systems arising from elliptic curves95-107
K. Dajani
C. Kraaikamp
‘The mother of all continued fractions’109-123
A. ForrestSymmetric cocycles and classical exponential sums125-145
K. FrączekLinear growth of the derivative for measure-preserving diffeomorphisms147-157
G. Choe
D. Kim
Average convergence rate of the first return time159-171
H. ŻołądekTwo remarks about Picard–Vessiot extensions and elementary functions173-183
G. GoodsonConjugacies between ergodic transformations and their inverses185-193
J. Choksi
M. Nadkarni
Genericity of nonsingular transformations with infinite ergodic index195-201
C. SkauOrdered K-theory and minimal symbolic dynamical systems203-227
G. KellerA note on dynamical zeta functions for S-unimodal maps229-233
N. Markley
M. Vanderschoot
An exotic flow on a compact surface235-243
B. Kamiński
J. de Sam Lazaro
A note on the entropy of a doubly stochastic operator245-254
R. RudnickiStrong and weak stability of some Markov operators255-263
J. SchmelingTime weighted entropies265-278
K. KrzyżewskiA note on a generalized cohomology equation279-283
A. Iwanik
P. Liardet
T. Downarowicz
G. Barat
Propriétés topologiques et combinatoires des échelles de numération285-306
R. Burton
M. Keane
J. Serafin
Residuality of dynamical morphisms307-317
J. AuslanderEllis groups of quasi-factors of minimal flows319-326
V. Gundlach
G. Ochs
Isomorphic random Bernoulli shifts327-344
E. Glasner
B. Weiss
Locally equicontinuous dynamical systems345-361
J. Aaronson
B. Weiss
Remarks on the tightness of cocycles363-376
M. Denker
M. Yuri
A note on the construction of nonsingular Gibbs measures377-383
A. Kłopotowski
M. Nadkarni
Shift invariant measures and simple spectrum385-394
M. NerurkarConstruction of non-constant and ergodic cocycles395-419
V. Golodets
S. Sinel’shchikov
Complete positivity of entropy and non-Bernoullicity for transformation groups421-429
M. Levin
M. Smorodinsky
A ℤ^d generalization of the Davenport–Erdös construction of normal numbers431-441
Y. DerriennicOn the mean ergodic theorem for Cesàro bounded operators443-455
J. Conze
Y. Guivarc’h
Marches en milieu aléatoire et mesures quasi-invariantes pour un système dynamique457-480
J. ThouvenotLes systèmes simples sont disjoints de ceux qui sont infiniment divisibles et plongeables dans un flot481-483
A. Danilenko
T. Hamachi
On measure theoretical analogues of the Takesaki structure theorem for type III factors485-493
G. Greschonig
K. Schmidt
Ergodic decomposition of quasi-invariant probability measures495-514
M. LinSupport overlapping L_1 contractions and exact non-singular transformations515-520
J. KingThe generic transformation has roots of all orders521-547
B. Host
F. Parreau
V. Bergelson
R. McCutcheon
Aspects of uniformity in recurrence549-576

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