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Colloquium Mathematicum

Tom 86

Warszawa-Wrocław 2000

Spis treści

D. Grow
K. Adams
Lacunary series on compact groups1-7
E. PrestiniSingular integrals with highly oscillating kernels on product spaces9-13
G. PlebanekApproximating Radon measures on first-countable compact spaces15-23
G. Cohen
M. Deng
A note on a conjecture of Jeśmanowicz25-30
A. Grytczuk
F. Luca
M. Wójtowicz
On a conjecture of Makowski and Schinzel concerning the composition of the arithmetic functions σ and φ31-36
F. Luca
A. Flammenkamp
Infinite families of noncototients37-41
J. RencławowiczBlow up, global existence and growth rate estimates in nonlinear parabolic systems43-66
E. RussH^1-BMO duality on graphs67-91
F. OraveczSymmetric partitions and pairings93-101
K. HareRandom weighted Sidon sets103-109
S. RousselPhénomène de cutoff pour certaines marches aléatoires sur le groupe symétrique111-135
D. KussinOn the K-theory of tubular algebras137-152
K. UrbanikA duality principle for stationary random sequences153-162
W. BartoszekOn unrestricted products of (W) contractions163-170
T. Schoen
A. Baltz
A. Srivastav
Probabilistic construction of small strongly sum-free sets via large Sidon sets171-176
T. Godoy
L. Saal
Some spectral results on L^2(H_n) related to the action of U(p,q)177-187
S. BlunckPerturbation of analytic operators and temporal regularity of discrete heat kernels189-201
M. Balcerzak
U. Darji
Some examples of true F_σδ sets203-207
A. Skowroński
H. Lenzing
Roots of Nakayama and Auslander–Reiten translations209-230
D. Repovš
A. Skopenkov
Cell-like resolutions of polyhedra231-237
W. RumpRepresentation theory of two-dimensional Brauer graph rings239-251
N. WatsonVolume mean values of subtemperatures253-258
A. Skowroński
Z. Leszczyński
Tame triangular matrix algebras259-303

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