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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 135

Warszawa 1990

Spis treści

S. Watson
Z. Hao-Xuan
Caliber (ω1, ω) is not productive1-4
K. EdaSlender modules, endo-slender abelian groups and large cardinals5-24
P. Zbierski
R. Frankiewicz
On partitioner-representability of Boolean algebras25-35
L. HeindorfBoolean semigroup rings and exponentials of compact zero-dimensional spaces37-47
J. KuleszaThe dimension of products of complete separable metric spaces49-54
C. Freiling
D. Rinne
An approximate analog of a theorem of Khintchine55-59
A. TsuboiNon-multidimensional theories without groups61-64
R. Bennett
J. Chaber
A subclass of the class MOBI65-75
W. DziobiakRelative congruence distributivity within quasivarieties of nearly associative Φ-algebras77-95
W. OlszewskiUniversal spaces for locally finite-dimensional and strongly countabledimensional metrizable spaces97-109
B. WchrfritzThe upper central series of some matrix groups111-126
S. SpieżThe structure of compacta satisfying dim (XxX)< 2 dim X127-145
. Errata146-146
R. SrzednickiPeriodic orbits indices147-173
D. MiklaszewskiA reduction of the Nielsen fixed point theorem for symmetric product maps to the Lefschetz theorem175-176
R. ShorttNormal subgroups of measurable automorphisms177-187
A. Maitra
V. Pestien
S. Ramakrishnan
Domination by Borel stopping times and some separation properties189-201
A. KisielewiczOn reduction theorems in the problem of composition of functions203-211
S. SpieżOn pairs of compacta with dim (X х Y) < dim X + dim Y213-222

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